Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kampo Juan Adventures

Did you know the latest adventure craze in town? I bet you don't! After Dahilayan has made Misamis Oriental a very popular tourist destination, Bukidnon has come up with another adventure Destination located at Manolo Fortich. This adventure destination is called Kampo Juan.

Kampo Juan can be reached through bus or van-for-hire but for my team, we preferred the cheapest means of transportation, the so called jeepney-for-hire. The travel takes about an hour and 30 minutes if you're coming off from Cagayan de Oro.

Here are our pictures on our way to Kampo Juan. The jeep was fully packed!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the 'Kampo Juan".

The experience was really a first for me. Aside  from the fact that I am afraid of heights, all the rides were very challenging. My agents had to convince me to really try all the rides. Joy and I finally decided to try it and it was both scary and at the same time felt good to really shout at the top of your lungs! Very stress relieving!

This is the Gazebo where you can dine and use it for free.

The Anicycle
Have you tried to bicycle up in the air? Well, this is a must-try! This is the first in Asia. It's 600 feet long and 200 feet in height.

 AJA! This is it!!! It's now or never Mommy Joy!

That's me from afar... Mixed emotions. Motivating myself to keep going...

whew! Finally done with the anicycle. What an accomplishment for the first ride!

Next to the Anicycle was Zipline 1 (210m). It felt okay on the first few seconds but wait until you reach the cliff. Waah!!! Scary! 

See the cliff?

Next ride, the 120m Hanging Bridge. This is the scary part. I actually had a lot of bloopers in the pictures.

And lastly, Zipline 2 (570m).

and we're done! Now, I'm proud to say that I have conquered all the rides in Kampo Juan!

Here are our pictures just around the Gazebo:

To sum up, here are the things you need to know if you want to go to Kampo Juan.

Entrance Fee: PHP50
Anicycle (one-way): PHP300
Zipline 1 with Hanging Bridge): PHP200
Zipline 1 and Zipline 2: PHP200
All Rides: PHP600 (PHP540 if discounted) 
Jeepney-for-Hire: PHP2500
*Rates are as of October 16, 2012. Rates may change anytime.

For inquiries, please contact Mercy: 09266212192

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